WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart 23.0 – Abandoned Cart Recovery

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WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart is a WooCommerce extension plugin that will recover abandoned carts and increase sales. Cart abandonment happens for a variety of reasons, and sending mail (with follow-up messages) can be the best way to recover abandoned carts, which is exactly what this plugin has to offer.

Recover Abandoned Cart monitors carts that are abandoned by users and visitors to capture them. Automatically sends emails using mail templates at a specified timeto recover abandoned carts. You can insert a link to your shopping cart in an email. You can configure as many templates as you want to send messages. The advantage of having multiple email templates at a certain time is that you can send your first email without a coupon. If the buyer does not respond, you can send an email with a coupon code. This will encourage the Buyer to make a purchase. The Buyer’s purchases are tracked using cookies.

Recover Abandoned Cart works for both Users and Guests. For Users, as soon as the products are added to the cart and then leaves the site for some reason, the abandoned cart will be intercepted. For guests, they will have to go to the stage of entering their email on the checkout page, and when the email is entered, the Abandoned Cart will be intercepted.

Ali2Woo plugin features:

  • Monitor and log abandoned carts
  • Recover abandoned carts with automated messages using email templates
  • Recover lost sales with the Recover Abandoned Cart plugin
  • Works for simple and variable products
  • Recover Abandoned Cart works for both users and guests
  • A user’s click in an email is recorded so that you can analyze which email templates work
  • You can set an abandoned cart and time to send messages
  • The user’s purchase using the cart link from the email is recorded
  • Multiple email templates for further action
  • Activation/deactivation of email templates
  • Manual shipping option
  • Send an email to the administrator when the cart is recovered
  • Automatic generation of a coupon code to be attached in an e-mail
  • WooCommerce mail templates can be used
  • Check previous orders to capture abandoned carts
  • Ready to translate
  • WPML, WPML String Translation, and WooCommerce Multilingual Compatibility for Mails (Please note that you need all these 3 plugins to make messages in multiple languages work.)
  • Captures phone number for manual tracking
  • and more

*Free Access with Ads

*Possible to-dos to access the file:

  • Disable AdBlock
  • Review article(s) (seconds)
  • Turn on browser notifications
  • Install the browser extension
  • Install the app (for smartphone users)

Download fast and ad-free

Secure, one-time payment upon registration - € 2 for the whole month!
Payment methods via PayPal or Stripe .

- Unlocked access to download all plugins on the darmowe-wtyczki.pl website

- No hidden costs !!

- Pay again in a month or Ignore ,
payment will not be charged automatically!

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