WOOCS 2.3.7 – Currency Switch for WooCommerce

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WooCommerce Currency Switcher ( WOOCS ) is a multi-currency WooCommerce plugin that allows visitors to switch product price currencies according to preset real-time exchange rates and pay in the currency of their choice (optional). Allows you to add any currency for your WooCommerce store! The perfect solution to create a serious WooCommerce store page in multiple currencies!

WOOCS plugin features:

✔ Representation
Currency Switcher is available as a widget and as a shortcode[woocs]. You can insert the shortcode [woocs] anywhere in your store, even in the top menu.

The plugin also has an ajaxed shortcode/currency converter widget and an ajaxed shortcode/currency exchange rate widget.

✔ Design
Graphically WooCommerce Currency Switcher can be represented in several ways: drop-down, flag images, side switcher, button. For each currency, you can set a flag in its options. You can set a flag for each currency.

✔ Checkout
Customers can pay in the currency of their choice (preference). This feature is called “Are multiple allowed” and should be enabled in the plugin settings.

✔ Courses
More than 7 currency aggregators to automatically change currency rates. Also admin can set the courses manually if necessary! Optionally, the administrator can be notified of exchange rate changes by email.

✔ Automatic course update
Update currency rates hourly, twice a day, daily, weekly, monthly, every 5 minutes, every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes, every 45 minutes. You can also disable this feature and set your own exchange rates manually!

✔ Price
Set the price format that suits your needs – decimal counting, regular money sign or custom money sign, money sign position (4 variations). Optionally, you can show or hide cents for each currency. You can set your own number of decimal places for each currency, so BTC is not a problem for this plugin.

✔ Own money signs
Create and use custom money symbols for your business logic. It is even possible to use a currency that does not exist in reality!

✔ Custom price formats
Each currency can have its own format in which the price and the money sign can be set on the selected side.

✔ Thousandths price and decimal separator
Set price separators based on currency or any business logic (e.g., country) using the woocs_price_thousand_sep AND woocs_price_decimal_sep hooks

✔ Smart Designer
Allows you to create multi-currency drop-down switches using a convenient dashboard. You can create an unlimited number of dropdown designs for different areas of your site, and even insert them directly into your site code.

✔ Statistics
Collecting currency change statistics for business purposes. No private customer data is collected, only currency, country and time of currency change. It also captures order currency statistics.

✔ Currency visibility
Ability to set the currency as Public or Private. In Private mode, the currency is not published in the switch and the user cannot set it through the ‘?currency=XXX’ link.

✔ Payment rules
Rules for hiding/showing payment gateways on the checkout page depending on the current currency

✔ Welcome currency
Allows you to set the currency in which store visitors will make their first visit. So if your store currency is INR and you want customers to see prices converted to USD on their first visit, just set “Welcome Currency” as USD in the WOOCS options.

✔ Individual pricing based on user role
Gives you the ability to set different prices for each user role in base currency. A very useful feature for customers of your store with a loyalty program.

✔ Individual GeoIP rules for each product
“WooCommerce Price Based on Country” – super feature that allows you to set different prices for different countries

✔ Individual fixed price rules for each product
A feature that allows for each product to set a fixed price for each currency, in this case no conversion by exchange rate will be applied to the product, watch the video

✔ GEO IP rules for detecting local currency of visitors
This feature is targeted and allows you to set the price currency for site visitors in their native currency when they visit your store for the first time. Currency changes automatically according to visitor’s IP and even more – if you enable ‘Checkout by GeoIP rules’ your customers will always pay for products in their local currency!

✔ Fixed minimum amount for FREE delivery for each currency
Allows you to set the minimum amount for FREE delivery as a fixed value for each currency

✔ Fixed minimum shipping amount for each currency
Allows you to set the minimum shipping amount as a fixed value for each currency

✔ Fixed amount for coupons for each currency
You can set different amounts in your store’s coupons for different currencies. Otherwise (regularly), the system will convert the amount at the exchange rate relative to the base currency.

✔ Fixed minimum and maximum coupon verification amount for each currency.
You can set different fixed verification amounts for different currencies instead of calculating according to the exchange rate against the base currency

✔ Show approximate price
Shows the approximate price on the store page and the single product page with the currency defined by the user’s IP using a GeoIP rule, if such a rule exists. Only works with exchange rate data and does NOT work with fixed price rules and geo rules. If the system defines the visitor’s country with a GeoIP rule, and the visitor changes the currency – he will always see the approximate price in his local currency next to the product.

✔ Show approximate amount
Shows the approximate amount on the checkout page and the cart page in the currency specified by the user’s IP according to the GeoIP rule, if any. Only works with exchange rate data and NOT with fixed price and geoIP rules.

✔ Compatibility with cache plugins
If your website uses a cache plugin – enable the option “I am using cache plugin on my site”, reset the page cache and from now on visitors to your store can easily change currencies!

✔ Orders are placed in the currency of the transaction
If the “Is multiple allowed” option is enabled – every order in your store is in the currency in which the customer paid.

✔ Currency of new order
Ability to set the currency for a new order, which is created through the administration panel using hands

✔ Order conversion
Ability to convert an order from any currency to the base currency in the plugin’s multi-currency mode

✔ Smart Designer
Interactive customization of the drop-down currency

✔ Price information icon
The information icon next to the product price is displayed and when you hover the mouse over it, a tooltip appears and shows the product prices in all other currencies

✔ Shortcode [woocs_price]
Allows you to insert the product price (switchable) directly into your store’s promotional items

✔ Prices without cents
Convert prices without cents for currencies such as JPY or TWD, which inherently do not have cents. Test it for checkout after setup!

✔ Possibility to set currency for new order created manually by admin panel

✔ Ability to convert an order from any currency to the base currency in the plugin’s multi-currency mode

✔ Ability to change currency according to language
If your site uses WPML or Polylang plugins and you want to set the currency according to the current language using business logic, this is possible with the WOOCS API

✔ Currency in link
WOOCS understands the currency in links to the site, e.g. demo.currency-switcher.com/?currency=EUR

✔ No parameters in the link
Switches the currency without link parameters like “?currency=USD” (optional)

✔ Currency storage
For the site administrator: WOOCS provides a set of mechanisms to store a user-selected currency on various hosting architectures: Session, Transient, Memcached, Redis

✔ Wide API
For web developers: An advanced set of API functionality allows you to manipulate prices and their rates on the fly using conditional logic

Easy to use for store administrators and customers
Install it, set up currencies in 5 minutes and let your store make more money!

✔ Compatible with WPML

✔ Compatible with WOOF – WooCommerce Product Filter

✔ Compatible with WOOT – WooCommerce Active Products Tables

✔ 95% compatibility with different payment gateways in multi-currency mode, just try it!

✔ We perform compatibility according to our special WOOCS LABS program

✔ Full compatibility with PHP 8.x

✔ Strong technical support that works with tons of code every day!

Presentation of the WOOCS plug-in

*Free Access with Ads

*Possible to-dos to access the file:

  • Disable AdBlock
  • Review article(s) (seconds)
  • Turn on browser notifications
  • Install the browser extension
  • Install the app (for smartphone users)

Download fast and ad-free

Secure, one-time payment upon registration - € 2 for the whole month!
Payment methods via PayPal or Stripe .

- Unlocked access to download all plugins on the darmowe-wtyczki.pl website

- No hidden costs !!

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